Game demands

Game demands In game activity there are certain forms of communication of children.

Game demands from the child of such qualities as initiative, sociability, ability to coordinate the actions with actions of group of contemporaries, to establish and support communication.

Elements of communication appear very much early when children are not able to build yet the developed subject game, and play individually everyone in itself.

Usually during this period of development of game the child is concentrated to own actions and pays attention to actions of other child a little.

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And here

And here And mothers and fathers skipped, both grandmothers skipped, and grandfathers – when were children.

And here modern children a vpriskochka began to move for some reason seldom.

Let's not go deep yet into a question, as parents managed to achieve it, and we will pay attention here on what at children disappears such natural manner of movement as .

And meanwhile the walking manner as anything else reflects that sits at present at the person inside.

Inside it is noisy and it is joyful – the child skips.

Inside sadly – shoulders will fall, legs will start to get and .

It very strange, it – guards that children all go less often skipping.

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Child ~couples

Child ~couples However, aspiring to expansion and fixing of the avtono ~miya, the child achieves that mother considered it growing ~the yatelnost also looked for new forms of the relations, cooperation.

Child ~couples of partnership of mother, but it is far not in all affairs and without its suppression ~stvenny activity.

On the other hand, after three years the child starts to turn everything pain ~ attention to contemporaries.

He finds out that it is possible to play not nearby,as it was earlier, and together.

Between three and five years the child ~sivno masters difficult practice of interaction with similar in game,and then and in other situations.

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Continuous And as a result ogrebay array of problems.

Children – do not understand; – do not obey – and we quarrel with them and we lose contact.

Continuous vzaimoneponimaniye! As it so at us turns out, if all of us, all parents, we wish to the children only good and very much – we try Here therefore.

We simply too seriously we treat education.

Slightly more simply, slightly easier, slightly more lightly, and all the time remembering about that children – not adults; and to our serious maturity, and to our outlook, and thinkin and to understanding causalthe investigatory relations to them still grow and grow.

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However portions

However portions The child is not afraid to talk to you as you can talk and in his language.

I NEL ELYa age of the child of months AS MATURED the CHILD FOR the th WEEKMass of a body of the child of kg of length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Feeding of the child By th week of life at children significant progress in a food is noted.

The child got used to firm food and learned to swallow of it freely.

The quantity of the entered products increases.

However portions still small, about two tablespoons for feeding.

A main type of food for the kid there is a chest milk or a children's nutritious mix.

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